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Recording: Fresh Dialogue: Scaling the Strategy Spectrum

View the recording: Fresh Dialogue: Scaling the Strategy Spectrum

Brand strategist.

Innovation strategist.

Experience strategist.

Comms strategist.

Social strategist.

From abstract thinking to concrete execution – can one strategist do it all?

As strategists specialize more and more, confusion has grown about the roles, specific value and talent they bring to the creative industry at large. This confusion affects leaders looking for new talent, clients negotiating contracts, and the strategists themselves, who often disagree on the fundamentals.

An event created for strategists and the ‘strategy curious’. Join Tamika Abaka-WoodKim MackenzieAndrew Miller,and Masha Murakhovsky in a conversation that will give you the insider’s take from experts who’ve worn many hats and bring their unique perspectives to this debate.

This event will be moderated by Daniel Edmundson, Partner, SYLVAIN.

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This event was recorded on April 4, 2024 at The Museum of Arts and Design.

Recording Fees Non-member – $10 AIGA Member – $7 Student – $5