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Recording: Fresh Dialogue: A Post-Mortem for Studio HMVD

View the recording: Fresh Dialogue: A Post-Mortem for Studio HMVD

How to shut down your business, stay friends, and land on your feet

Join in a candid conversation with the former partners of Studio HMVD, Heather-Mariah Dixon and Abigail Kerns as they unpack the closing of a business while navigating interpersonal dynamics.

Often when you start a studio, project or business, the last thing you’re thinking about is how it ends. In this tell-all event, Abigail and Heather-Mariah chronicle what led to the end of Studio HMVD, how they landed on their feet, and stayed friends throughout a rocky time.

Expect insights on what the former partners would have done differently, the same or not at all throughout this heartfelt (and yes, a bit juicy) conversation. If you’ve ever looked at a friend and said, “we should start a business together,” this talk is for you.

We’ll cap off with a robust Q&A, so come prepared with questions and get ready for a heart to heart.

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This event was recorded on May 16, 2024 at The Museum of Arts and Design.

Recording Fees Non-member – $15 AIGA Member – $10 Student – $5